Tron Disc

I created a custom Tron disc with a combination of 3D printed parts I designed, and some electronics. The list of parts is below. Here are a few pictures of the finished product:

3D Parts

Here are the links to the 4 STL files for 3D printing. I used OnShape to design these:

Electronic Parts

Assembly Hints

  • Print 2 copies of the shell (black) and 2 copies of the transparent center ring (C shaped). Print 1 copy of the inner ring (black) and outer ring (transparent).
    • I used tree supports for the shell. Everything else can be printed without supports.
  • The MintyBoost requires soldering and assembly. It’s not too bad if you know how to solder.
  • Don’t put the MintyBoost into the little Altoids tin. Just hot glue the board into the bottom shell.
  • Hot glue the LED lights in around the edge (see the images)
  • Screws used to assemble: M2 hex bolts (12 mm), black
  • The LED lights come with a remote so you can change the color or pattern
  • The AAA rechargeables listed last 2-3 hours — you’ll need to unscrew the shell to replace them, there is no battery cover in this design (sorry)
  • The batteries seem to drain on their own even when off, the MintyBoost is suspect